Business Model

The Company is focused on developing innovative and technically-challenging products in sterile injectables, ophthalmic dosage forms, and niche biosimilars including 505(b)(2) filings. Dynamic will also develop novel formulations of existing drugs, including hard-to-make products or products with technical barriers to entry, such as those that require complex manufacturing capabilities or have bio-equivalency challenges, in a broad spectrum of clinical areas ranging from cancer to central nervous system disorders. Dynamic seeks to prioritize regulatory and patentability pathways for complex molecules.


Our primary focus is on research and development (“R&D”) to build a broad portfolio of product pipeline, with formulations including solutions, suspension, lyophilized, emulsions, liposomes, micelles and lipid complexes. The operations will include filing of the abbreviated new drug application, or ANDA, for generic version of many branded drugs and prosecuting the regulatory approval process. The core operations team has identified and started R&D on certain initial candidates for research and development. We will continue to identify other opportunities that fit our screening process and to evaluate opportunities across major therapeutic areas. As we keep the costs variable and focus on our core competencies, product-specific commercialization and manufacturing strategies will be evaluated as and when necessary.

As we continue to operate with our primary objective in mind, management has identified and is working on several opportunities to build a revenue and cash flow source in the near-term. The goal is to license from international pharmaceutical companies that have FDA approved products to bring them to the United States for distribution and commercialization. We intend to become the US marketing partner for manufactures that have viable drugs that are currently being marketed in other markets.